10 Vehicles: Among the Most Dangerous Cars Ever Made

Top 10 Dangerous Vehicles

Ten of the Alleged Most Dangerous Cars on the Road


  • The Chevrolet Corvette. This beauty may have made the list since most people who drive this vehicle are clearly interested in speed and maneuverability. However, the death rates tied to these cars may tempt many to choose far less sporty car models;
  • The Chevrolet Corvair. This product of the 1960s suffered serious PR setbacks after the publication of a book detailing its many alleged failings. It’s lack of a front stabilizer bar was apparently one of its greatest drawbacks;
  • The Ford Pinto. Many of us recall how very popular this car was when it first appeared during the 1970s. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that people might suffer serious injuries when riding in it during rear impact accidents;
  • The Audi 5000. Although this car frame was quite popular for many years, the car turned out to be far less mechanically sound than originally thought. During one major media event, it appeared that you could make these vehicles accelerate while pressing down on their brake pedals;
  • The Pontiac Fiero. This vehicle looked harmless enough and even a bit sporty. However, too many engine fire reports were turned in to keep this vehicle high on many potential customers’ lists;
  • The Ford Bronco. While this vehicle looked tough yet comfortable, it hid its share of lesser qualities. A highly significant number of rollover accidents occurred in these cars that quickly made them fall from favor;
  • The Suzuki Samurai. This sporty little car looked a bit like a rather frail Jeep. Contested rumors spread that rollover accidents were common in these vehicles. It soon fell from grace with the driving public after less than a decade on the market;
  • The Chrysler PT Cruiser. You tended to either love or “intensely dislike” the overall shape and front end of this vehicle. Apart from its outward appearance, this Chrysler had a reputation for being rather unsafe during side and rear-impact collisions;
  • The Smart For Two. While this article won’t quote any of this car’s nicknames, suffice it to say that many have questioned the safety of this tiny car since the majority of vehicles still on the road are so much larger. You may get good gas mileage in it, but it could come at a very high price in terms of your health and safety;
  • The Kia Rio. Although this car is still out traversing the nation’s roads, many question its basic safety since some tests indicate that it doesn’t hold up well during side and rear crashes – or those involving multiple vehicles.

While many consumers and auto industry experts might choose to put other vehicles on their own lists of the Ten Most Dangerous Cars of all times, it may still be wise to consider moving out of most of the vehicles listed above – just as soon as your finances allow.

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