My Airbags Did Not Deploy. Do I Have A Case?

Airbags did not Deploy in Accident

In order to determine if you have a case against a manufacturer, another driver, or a third party, a personal injury attorney will examine the matter and attempt to establish who is responsible for your accident. If your airbags do not deploy and you are injured as the result of an accident, the airbag manufacturer, the car manufacturer, or others may be responsible for your injuries.

What Do Airbags Do?

Airbags are actually large, soft pillows that cushion you in the event of a crash. Since 1998, all new passenger cars have been required by law to include driver and passenger side front airbags. Statistics show that the risk of dying in a car crash is reduced by an average of 30 percent when airbags are present.

The use of airbags has become so common now that most people do not think about a time when they did not exist. However, airbags are not a preventative for all injuries in a car accident. But when air bags and proper seat belt use coincide, the chances of being seriously hurt or killed in an accident are lessened.

What If Airbags Do Not Deploy?

Because car manufacturers expect airbags to deploy, there may be less protection in other areas of the vehicle that make it likely that a person will be badly injured if the airbag malfunctions. If an airbag does not deploy, there are generally three reasons:

  • The airbag was incorrectly manufactured. If the airbag was defective when it came from the manufacturer, that company may be liable for damages.
  • The airbag was installed incorrectly at the factory. If the airbag was incorrectly installed, the car manufacturer may be held liable.
  • The airbag was serviced or reinstalled incorrectly by an aftermarket party. If a repair shop or other party reinstalls an airbag after a crash or attempts to repair one, rendering it useless, that person may be held liable for injuries sustained in a crash.

If you have suffered injuries from a defective air bag, it may be a good idea to talk to a personal injury attorney. An attorney who has handled defective air bag cases may be able to help you recover monetary damages for your injuries, including payment of your medical bills, sums for lost wages, and compensation for your pain, suffering, and emotional anguish.

The lawyer you choose to represent you in your personal injury matter will greatly affect the outcome of your case. What many people don’t realize, though, is that your relationship with your lawyer will also impact your life.