Amazon Delivery is Fast, Reliable, and Sometimes Deadly

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We live in a fast-paced society where instant gratification has become possible thanks to numerous advances in technology. Now, no matter where you live, you can have almost anything you want delivered to your front door in two days or less. No more getting in the car, browsing multiple stores, and fighting with other shoppers to get what you want.

Especially during the holiday season, Amazon entices buyers with low prices, a huge selection, and fast, free shipping. But what is the cost of all this convenience? Are the deaths of multiple people too high a price to pay for speed and accessibility?

The Problem with Contract Delivery Drivers

A new report highlighted in Car and Driver is shedding light on the number of crashes that Amazon’s contract drivers are causing on American roadways. Since 2015 at least 10 people have been killed in accidents related to Amazon’s fleet of contracted delivery drivers.

To deliver on its promise of fast and reliable delivery service, Amazon uses a web of contract drivers. If you have noticed unmarked vans or trucks pulling up to the curb to drop off a package, chances are you’ve seen one of the numerous contract services working on behalf of Amazon.

While companies like UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service require their drivers to complete rigorous safety training, the standards for Amazon’s contractors are vague. Some drivers, according to a Business Insider article, claim that their training was comprised of little more than watching instructional videos on their phones.

While most of Amazon’s deliveries are still completed by traditional delivery services like UPS or the post office, the sheer number of orders being placed through the retail giant and the promise of super- speedy delivery times means that Amazon has had to find new solutions.

Their answer has been to use third-party contracting services. The problem with third-party contracting services is that Amazon can avoid taking responsibility for accidents when the unthinkable happens. In one case, a driver killed a nine-month-old baby after crashing into the mother’s car. The driver claimed he was running late and failed to see the car in time to stop. That’s not the only story being told about rushed drivers failing to notice someone until it was too late.

While Amazon has the ability to direct and track contract drivers’ routes, in the event of an accident, they say they have no legal responsibility because the driver was hired by the individual contracting firm. For their part, Amazon claims that they are committed to safety across their entire network and “regularly communicate safety best practices to drivers.” For the people who have lost loved ones due to accidents caused by contract drivers rushing to deliver packages, the words ring hollow.

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