A Claim Adjuster Came To My House!

A new trend among claims adjusters is to attempt to settle claims very quickly, before an accident victim has time to talk to anyone about the value of his or her claim. Part of this strategy may include sending an adjuster to a person’s home a few days after the accident. It is never a good idea to talk to an adjuster under these conditions; in fact, if an adjuster shows up at your home, it is likely because the insurance company realizes that you may have a more valuable claim than you probably realize. You should always talk to a personal injury attorney before settling any type of accident claim.

Why Would An Insurance Adjuster Visit My Home?

There are several reasons insurance companies have started sending adjusters to people’s homes to try to settle cases.

  • People at home tend to be more relaxed and may be more open to negotiating a case.
  • People tend to gain a false sense of security from their own surroundings and may be less likely to feel the need for legal advice.
  • Offering someone a check immediately after their accident often tempts them to take the “sure thing” and settle quickly. Visiting a person’s home simply makes this convenient choice even more convenient.
  • Coming to someone’s home is a subtle signal that you are friendly and want to connect with the person on a personal level. Someone who visits your home tends to be someone you trust.
  • By meeting with people in their homes, insurance adjusters have a chance to get a look at the victim and possibly the damage caused to a vehicle, home or other personal property firsthand. This can help adjusters learn if a victim is making a false claim.

Should I Talk To An Insurance Adjuster In My Home?

In general, it is a never a good idea to talk to an insurance adjuster until you have spoken to your own personal injury attorney. An insurance adjuster’s job is to limit the amount that an insurance company has to pay for the damages in an accident, so the adjuster is not going to be looking for ways to maximize your claim, no matter how friendly he or she seems to be.

Instead, personal injury accident victims should discuss their cases with an attorney before communicating with any agents of the insurance company or an attorney for one of the parties involved in the accident. Too often, innocent statements can be taken out of context, so it is important to speak to your own attorney before you give any information to the “other side.”

A personal injury attorney can offer you a free, confidential consultation during which you can discuss your case and learn about your rights. Once you hire a personal injury lawyer, he or she will help you formulate a plan to recover damages for your injuries, including payment of your medical bills, recovery of your lost wages and other expenses and compensation for your pain and suffering.

The lawyer you choose to represent you in your personal injury matter will greatly affect the outcome of your case. What many people don’t realize, though, is that your relationship with your lawyer will also impact your life.