Guess How Many Easter Eggs Are In The Jar!

Demas Law Group Contest Giveaway

Everyone loves a good guessing game, so the staff at Demas Law Group, P.C., has decided to hold its own “Guess How Many Easter Eggs Are in the Jar” contest! The truth is we are trying to limit our candy consumption in the office before Easter comes, so we put all our candy in a sealed jar! As a result, our Facebook fans will have a chance to guess how many Easter eggs are in the jar, and the one who comes closest will win a full basket of Easter goodies!

To enter the contest, please follow the rules below:

  • “Like” the Demas Law Group Facebook page and find the post that mentions the contest. This post will include a picture of a jar containing Easter “eggs.”
  • Demas Law Group Facebook fans are invited to guess the total number of Easter eggs and enter their guess as a comment.
  • Report your guess between April 7 and April 15. Voting will officially close at 12pm PST on April 15.
  • Whoever comes the closest to guessing the actual number of eggs in the jar will be declared the winner. If two or more people have the same accurate or most accurate guess, they all win the prize! For example, if the number of eggs in the jar is 100 and three people guess 100, all three win. Likewise, if one person guesses 99, and another 101, both those people would win (granted there is no one who guessed 100).
  • The name of the winner(s) will be posted on the Demas Law Group Facebook page by 5pm PST on April 15, so please check our page periodically.
  • After the contest has closed and the winner(s) has been announced, we will then contact the winner(s) via Facebook, and will arrange for a way to have the Easter basket(s) delivered (via mail or in-person pick up).

Finally, please feel free to share our post with your Facebook friends. The more people participate, the better. And remember: everyone who guesses correctly (or most accurately) wins!

We appreciate all of our Facebook fans and would like to wish you a happy Easter and good luck with your guessing!

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