John Demas To Speak at CEB

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John N. Demas of the Demas Law Group, P.C., will be speaking at the Torts Practice: Year in Review Saturday, January 10, 2015. John N. Demas is a personal injury attorney in Sacramento, California, with over twenty years of experience as a trial lawyer and involvement in the local legal community. He regularly participates in professional development teaching and training for other attorneys and in charitable efforts for the Sacramento community.

The Torts Practice: Year in Review

The Torts Practice: Year in Review is an annual program that is designed for personal injury or commercial tort defense and plaintiff attorneys. This program offers a range of faculty speakers, including nationally renowned trial attorneys. These speakers will summarize key tort cases and statutory developments from 2014 that will be important to know and use for your own law practice. Topics covered at this year’s Torts Practice: Year in Review include:


  • Assumption of risk
  • Damages
  • Bad faith
  • Duty
  • Emotional distress
  • Products liability
  • Preemption
  • Vicarious liabilityCeb Sacramento Demas

Financial/Business Torts

  • Unfair competition law
  • Limitations of actions

Government Tort Liability

  • Immunity

Civil Rights and Constitutional Litigation

  • Disability discrimination
  • First Amendment

Intentional Torts

  • Invasion of privacy
  • Defamation

Insurance Litigation

  • Agents and brokers
  • Cumis counsel
  • Policy interpretation

As a successful and experienced personal injury attorney in Sacramento, John N. Demas of the Demas Law Group, P.C., has been asked to be one of the faculty speakers. He, along with other skilled attorneys, will be speaking from 1:15 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. at the Sheraton Grand Hotel Grand Nave. On January 24, John N. Demas will speak again at the Torts Practice: Year in Review in San Francisco.

What is CEB?

The Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB) in California is a self-supporting program of the University of California.  It is co-sponsored by the State Bar of California. Since its founding in 1947, CEB has delivered current and important information about the law and the practice of the law in the state of California.

As part of fulfilling their mission, CEB hosts the annual Torts Practice: Year in Review to continually educated California’s lawyers. When developing programs, CEB always asks “How does this help California lawyers?” CEB strives to be flexible and open-minded to changes in the legal industry, continually delivering ways to help lawyers improve their knowledge, skills and competence in law. CEB offers California-specific products for lawyers, including featuring the “best and brightest” lawyers in the state at events like Torts Practice: Year in Review.

The lawyer you choose to represent you in your personal injury matter will greatly affect the outcome of your case. What many people don’t realize, though, is that your relationship with your lawyer will also impact your life.