JUMP Bikes in Sacramento

Bikes accident in Sacramento

Bikes have surged in popularity among young urban professionals as a green, health-conscious option for commuting. Recognizing this trend, Uber saw the opportunity to expand its ridesharing empire into rentable bikes.

The company acquired the bikeshare company JUMP in April 2018. While Silicon Valley looks at the bright red bikes and sees green dollar signs, some accessibility advocates see potential hazards, and users face increasing hazards as they attempt to ride in car-friendly California.

JUMP Bikes Now Available in Sacramento

In May 2018, JUMP Bikes were introduced to Sacramento, shortly after the company was acquired by Uber. As of June 2019, the company has stocked Sacramento with 1,170 bikes and scooters for hire, doubling its fleet.

JUMP bike rental Sacramento shows no sign of slowing down. The company expects to increase the number of JUMP bikes to meet demand each quarter. Unfortunately, the boon to their business has meant potential dangers to pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists in Sacramento.                                                                                                  

Potential Legal and Accident Issues with JUMP Bikes

When a local reported on their experience using JUMP bikes for the first time, they noticed a potential hazard. “Walking around Downtown, I’ve seen several bikes deposited in alleys, or left standing on a sidewalk, not locked to anything.” The nearly 1,200 bikes and scooters stationed in Sacramento could become nearly 1,200 tripping hazards for unsuspecting walkers.

While CBS Sacramento reports that the city will charge the company fines for improperly stored vehicles, anecdotal evidence shows that JUMP is not convincing their customers to use bike racks or other safe storage.

Their riders’ convenience can come at the expense of Sacramentans’ safety. Blocking sidewalks, roads, or crosswalks could cause an unsuspecting pedestrian to trip, fall, and injure themselves. If that has happened to you, you might be eligible for compensation from JUMP for their negligence.

If you use JUMP bikes, it’s important to follow all local safety regulations. You could be cited for violating the rules while you ride. In Sacramento, biking regulations include yielding to pedestrians and parking your bike in appropriate, marked spaces. It’s illegal to use an electric scooter on the sidewalk. Violating this rule could result in a fine of over $200.

Liability After a JUMP Bike Accident Injury in Sacramento

Depending on the specific circumstances of your accident, different parties could be liable for your injuries in a JUMP bike injury claim.

For example, if you were injured because the JUMP bike you were riding on was defective, JUMP might be liable for the harm you’ve suffered.

If you were riding a JUMP bike and were hit by a negligent motorist, that person and their insurance policy might be required to compensate you for your injuries.

If you were hurt in a bike accident caused by a roadway defect or other issue that was the responsibility of the city or municipality to address, you could pursue an injury claim against the government entity to hold them accountable.

Determining liability for your accident can be complicated in some cases, so it is important to contact an experienced injury lawyer for help with your claim.

Contact Demas Law Group, P.C. If You Were Injured by a JUMP Bike in Sacramento

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