Submissions Needed for Charity and Non-Profit Monthly Donations

The Demas Law Group, P.C. In The Community

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The Demas Law Firm is made up of a variety of members who come from different backgrounds, belief systems, and cultures. And, we are all in agreement that it is better to give than receive!

Our team at Demas Law Group, P.C., has a strong commitment to giving back to the community to help those who might not have as many of life’s blessings as we do or to help those who want to make a difference in other’s lives.

A New Initiative: Charity and Non-Profit Submissions Needed

Serves the Sacramento, CA and surrounding communities, The Demas Law Group has recently launched a new project in order to give back to those in need.

The firm is dedicated and committed to helping others, leading to the creation of the new charity program. This program honors non-profit organizations and charities who are nominated by community members. One non-profit or charity will be selected once a month and will receive $250 and be featured on our social media channels.

A Goal To Help: The Demas Law Group

The Demas Law Firm was founded on the principle goal of helping people. The attorneys maintain this goal not only through their work but the organizations they support and volunteer at in their personal lives. The firm as a collective wanted to do more to help people in need through this initiative – understanding that there are many organizations out there that, maybe, we don’t know about.

How to Participate in the Charity Initiative

To participate in this cause, please use the submission form here. The form requires the following information: your name, your phone number, the organization’s name, the phone number of the organization, the location of the organization, and your reasons for nominating this charity or non-profit to us.

Then, once a month we will meet to review all of the submissions and we will select a charity based on the nominations.

About the Demas Law Group

For more information about how the Demas Law Group helps and participates within the local community, please click here for more information.

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