I.O.U. – Getting a Letter of Protection for Your Sacramento Treatment

Letter of Protection California

As we all know, car accidents can be expensive. You may have been in another car when it happened. You may have been riding your bike or walking across the street at the moment of impact. Whatever the case may be, you were hit and injured. The resulting damage ended up draining your accounts and leaving you near broke. In most cases, this is where we would suggest obtaining a lawyer and pursing a personal injury claim, which is generally good idea.

However, what happens if you are in need of treatment – even one that could be potentially life-saving – and you lack the funds to pay for it? For arguments sake, let us assume you’ve depleted all financial reserves and your insurance company views your injuries as too costly. Obviously you still need to receive medical care, but at this point you have no way to pay for it. What options do you have?

Obtain a Letter of Protection

At its core, a Letter of Protection is a promise. It is a guarantee, brought forth by your attorney, that confirms you will pay for your medical treatment. You may not have the funds at the moment, but the letter states that when you are able to pay for it, you will. This is also known as a medical lien, because the hospital and doctors involved in your care have taken a lien out on your settlement. Once you’ve obtained the proper compensation for your injuries, they will be compensated.

Keep in mind though, that a Letter of Protection works both ways. While such documents grant injured individuals treatment they are unable to afford, it also means they will have to pay it back. Failing to pay back what is owed from a Letter of Protection can land the victim back in court – but this time as the defendant.

Contact an Experienced Sacramento Attorney

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The lawyer you choose to represent you in your personal injury matter will greatly affect the outcome of your case. What many people don’t realize, though, is that your relationship with your lawyer will also impact your life.