Open Your Heart, Open Your Closet. Help Victims of Fire

Clothing Drive from Demas Law Group

We have started a campaign to collect clothes for the victims of the Butte fire. The drop off location is at Demas Law Group, P.C., 701 Howe Avenue, Suite A-1, Sacramento, CA 95825 till September 18th. Our employees will take care of delivering the clothing to the proper channels for distribution to the victims of home fires in the Sacramento area.

How Your Donation Helps Victims of Fire

Victims of devastating house fires often lose every personal possession except what is on their backs at the time they escape the blaze. A really bad fire can totally destroy a home, including everything inside of it. Even when a home is not totally leveled by a fire, the efforts of firefighters to put out the blaze with water and chemicals can destroy the contents of a home as effectively as flames.

It is hard to imagine how most of us would cope with the instantaneous loss of every single possession. The victim of a home fire may wake up to find that he or she does not even have a toothbrush or a change of clothing. Fortunately, charitable organizations can quickly identify these victims and help them obtain at least the basic personal care items and clothing that they need.

That is where your donation comes in. We will work with charitable organizations that have the infrastructure to distribute clothing to those most in need in order to be sure that your donation goes where it is intended. By donating your gently used clothing to this worthy cause, you ensure that victims of fires and other disasters who lose all of their personal possessions have something to wear while they begin the difficult process of rebuilding their lives.

We appreciate donations of clothing of all sizes and types, since there is no way to know in advance what will be needed. Victims of every age and body type require clothing after a house fire, so no sizes are too small or too large. In addition, we will accept donations of casual wear, business wear and other items that could be useful to those who are rebuilding after a devastating home fire.

Contact Demas Law Group, P.C., today to learn more about how you can help the victims of fire by donating your clothing to our clothing drive. We want to work with you to benefit the victims of recent fires.

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