Gift Certificates Up for Grabs to Help Support Our Favorite Sacramento Businesses and Restaurants

Demas Law Group Support Your Neighbor

To help support our favorite Sacramento businesses and restaurants, Demas Law Group is hosting a grand “Support Your Neighbor” giveaway.

We will be giving away gift cards to help boost the Sacramento gyms, cafeterias, restaurants, coffee shops, spas and others, many who have been closed their doors to comply with COVID-19 restrictions.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more. Tag your Sacramento friends and family to let them know and get excited about some giveaway fun!
This is a great opportunity to have fun and show care and loyalty to our neighbors and our city.

The Demas Law Group Team is encouraging others to join the effort to support the local businesses. Through a gift card, you can patronize these businesses and help them to continue to serve us.

During these trying times, it is important to give back to our lovely community. We’ll get through this, together Sacramento.

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