Sacramento School Grounds or Danger Grounds?

Sacramento School Dangers

Most people have a memory or two of being a kid and getting injured at school. Running too fast on the playground. Standing on furniture you shouldn’t. Or just horsing around till someone gets hurt. It’s a common scenario, one that our own children will play out at some point or another. But, if your son or daughter is hurt while on school grounds, there could be more than childhood antics at play. In fact, the school could shoulder the responsibility for whatever injury your child suffered.

Time and again we have seen parents who are forced to confront ineffective school employees, after their child has been injured while under their care. Of course, these situations vary from case to case, but the following are some of the more common examples of negligence found in local districts.

  • School Buses – Only a few months ago an Elk Grove Unified School district school bus was involved in a violent collision with an SUV near Cosumnes River Boulevard. While only one student suffered minor injuries, a crash such as this can have significant impact on a child’s emotional and mental health. Depending on the circumstances, parents may be able to take legal action against the at-fault driver, the school district or both.
  • Playgrounds – Another fond memory many of us may have are of broken swing sets and defective seesaws littering the playgrounds of our youth. While previous generations may have thought nothing of these dangers, today’s parents are far more alert to potential hazards in the schoolyard. If a child in injured on a defective jungle gym or slide, the school may be held liable for any damages.
  • Slippery Floors – Most schools have tile flooring. Even in the arid climate of Northern California, it only takes a spilled drink, a leaky water fountain, or a rainy day to turn such floors into ice rinks. If a child falls and sustains any significant injury, there may be grounds for legal action against the school.

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