Update on Sacramento I-5 Construction

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If you frequently drive on Interstate 5 in Sacramento, you probably already know that massive changes to your commute are on the way. It is being billed as one of the largest construction projects in Sacramento.

Over the course of the next three years, I-5 will receive a makeover as improvements are made between the American River Bridge and Elk Grove Boulevard. While the project is sorely needed, drivers may have to alter their routes and brace for delays as construction crews take to the roads.

Purpose of I-5 Construction

The ambitious road construction project will end up costing nearly $370 million and is meant to help ease traffic congestion in the area as the city continues to grow.

The project will repair some 67 miles of roadway, add carpool lanes, and include more sound walls.

The project also seeks to extend acceleration and deceleration lanes, while also adding an auxiliary lane. This is meant to help ease traffic getting on and off the freeway.

Also in the works, a pedestrian bridge at Casilada Way will be revamped. Plans are also in place for crews to add fiber optic technology along the roadway in order to help quickly deliver information about traffic conditions to drivers.

How Will Construction Impact Sacramento Drivers?

With any major construction project, motorists have to expect slowdowns, delays, reduced speeds in some areas, traffic jams, and accidents.

A majority of the work is going to be undertaken at night and in sections to help minimize the impact to drivers during the most hectic hours of the day. However, it is still major construction and there is no getting around the fact that drivers need to slow down and pay more attention to their surroundings.

Local news agencies are a good source of information if you are looking at how your morning commute is shaping up before you hit the road. Give yourself more time to get where you need to go. It may be inconvenient in the short term but those 10 extra minutes today are going to be well worth the trouble when we all have an easier and safer commute in the future.

Were You Injured in an Accident on I-5?

No matter how many signs are up, no matter how careful you may drive and navigate hazards, inevitably there is someone who is in too much of a hurry to follow basic safety precautions in an active construction zone. Construction zones are danger zones for both drivers and construction crews.

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