Violent Motorcycle Collision Claims One

Motorcycle Collision Death

As many as six different vehicles struck and killed a 21-year old-woman after the bike she was riding fell sideways and threw her into oncoming traffic. The accident happened on Highway 99, near 47th Avenue around 9:15 pm after the 32-year-old driver lost control of his ’79 Yamaha. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to Fox 40, investigators are still looking into the overall cause of the wreck, but have uncovered a number of details that point to the driver’s behavior and condition.

California Highway Patrol Officer Michael Bradley reported that the motorcyclist was speeding at the time, attempting to get home before his court-appointed curfew went into effect at 10 pm. The man has been on probation for performing sex acts on children for the past 13 years and must wear an ankle bracelet to monitor his location at all times. Additionally, officers stated the man admitted to being intoxicated at the time of the accident.

The victim was a client of the driver, who is a professional tattoo artist. The two had spent a majority of the day together and were rushing back home to avoid breaking the man’s curfew. The driver has been charged with vehicular manslaughter, DUI that lead to an individual’s death, as well as an array of other traffic violations stemming from the state of his license.

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents such as these are an all too common event on California roadways. Irresponsible bike owners who fail to consider their own safety, or their passenger’s, are a hazard to everyone around them.

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