Bus Accident Lawyer in Sacramento

Bus accidents pose a unique risk to the public because numerous innocent people on or around the bus are likely to be seriously injured in a crash. When a bus collides with a car or a pedestrian, the result is often catastrophic, if not fatal, injuries. However, determining who is responsible for a bus accident in a metropolitan area like Sacramento or elsewhere in Northern California can be a complex legal task.

At Demas Law Group, our knowledgeable Sacramento bus accident attorneys have more than two decades of experience working with injured victims and their families. Our law firm is well-versed in how public transportation agencies and private enterprise bus lines operate, and we know what the law requires them to do to keep passengers and the public safe.

Clients across Northern California have come to trust Demas Law Group for:

  • We have a 99 percent rate of success in obtaining settlements and verdicts for individuals and families harmed in accidents or by other types of negligent acts
  • We treat clients like VIPs ─ with compassion, respect, and one-on-one attention
  • We pursue justice for the unjustly injured and what we see as our duty to fight for what’s right
  • “No Win, No Fee” Guarantee – you will not be charged a cent unless we have recovered compensation for you

After a serious bus accident, you need an experienced legal team with the knowledge and the resources to handle this type of complex claim. Schedule a free consultation with our respected Sacramento bus accident lawyers today. We will review the accident that you were injured in and go over all the legal options available to you. Contact us now.