Average Car Accident Settlement in Sacramento

average auto accident settlement amounts in Sacramento

How Much is the Average Car Accident Settlement?

It’s difficult to give an average amount for a car accident settlement because the damages vary so widely. If we simply look at personal injury settlements and exclude those made for property damage only, the figure would obviously be higher. This is because property damage is usually the least expensive aspect of an injury car accident. Medical bills, lost wages, increased living expenses, and compensation given for pain and suffering all have an impact on the amount paid out in a car accident settlement.

To get the compensation you need after a car accident in Sacramento, you need the experienced representation of a strong Sacramento car accident lawyer. Demas Law Group, P.C., has helped many clients secure and calculate full settlement amounts to help them heal and move on from their injuries.

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How Much Can I Get from a Car Accident Settlement in Sacramento?

In a word, you can’t. Only a personal injury lawyer with years of experience can estimate what a case may ultimately settle for. However, even then such estimates are not that reliable. There are many factors involved in the valuation of a Sacramento personal injury claim; not the least of which is how much is available for settlement on the part of the negligent driver through insurance and private assets. However, there are ways to at least calculate some economic damages from a car injury. Here are a few tips for estimating the amount that should be recovered in a car accident settlement. Any offers that do not cover these amounts are probably too low.

  • The cost of medical treatment. It is important to remember that not all medical treatment may be conducted at once. You may have further doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, or chiropractic appointments, medications that will be needed, and other costs. It is very important not to dismiss the value of future medical costs in your overall claim.
  • The cost of personal property damage. You will want to have your vehicle fixed and have any personal property destroyed in the accident replaced. These items cost money and an estimate can be obtained for repair or replacement. This amount can be added to your total claim.
  • Lost wages and increased living expenses. If you miss work as a result of a car accident, you may be able to pursue lost wages for the time you were out of a job. If you lose your job as the result of an accident or if you are unable to perform the tasks you used to do, the calculation of damages becomes much more complicated. There are also increased living expenses to be considered such as: if you need to hire help to do yard work, clean your house, watch your children, or perform other tasks. These costs may be recoverable. You may also be entitled to costs of transportation to and from doctor’s visits and other costs that you would not have incurred but for the car accident.
  • Pain and suffering. This is one of the most difficult calculations to make. It’s hard to put a price on someone’s emotional and physical pain. Most pain and suffering awards are between one and four times the amount of economic damages, but some are lower or higher.

Estimating the damages from a car accident in Sacramento can be very complicated, especially when it comes to amounts for future costs and pain and suffering. A reputable personal injury attorney should always be consulted before you settle any car accident claim.

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