How Much Does A Car Accident Reconstruction in Sacramento Cost?

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Accident reconstruction experts can help victims who are trying to show that a driver was responsible for a crash. However, accident reconstruction experts are professionals. Their time and services can be expensive. A Sacramento personal injury attorney can help a victim decide if the benefit of hiring an accident reconstruction expert justifies the cost.

Demas Law Group, P.C., has experience handling cases that involve accident reconstruction. We’ve helped many clients build a strong case by using the services of accident reconstruction experts. Let us help you choose if using an expert can help your case.

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How Much Is The Average Bill for Accident Reconstruction in Sacramento?

There is no real way to figure an “average” bill for accident reconstruction. The conditions under which an accident reconstruction expert works, as well as the number of years of experience the expert has, determines the fees charged. Each case will be different, and it is impossible to predict exactly how much any one case will cost.

However, there are ways to average the costs of accident reconstruction experts based on hourly fees charged. This at least will give a personal injury attorney and their client an idea of the cost that could result from hiring the expert witness. The following were average costs and facts that emerged when various expert witnesses were questioned about their fees and costs for accident testimony:

  • Trial testimony. If a case goes to trial, expert witnesses charged a significantly higher hourly rate than if the case were settled out of court. To appear in court, experts charged an average of $385 per hour for testimony, $353 per hour for depositions, and $254 for file review. On average, the hourly rate for trial testimony is 52 percent higher than for other activities.
  • Minimum hour charge. Nearly 60 percent of all experts have a minimum hour policy for depositions and trial testimony. Medical experts are more likely than others to charge for a minimum number of hours. Many non-medical experts such as accident reconstruction experts also have a minimum court or deposition charge. Most experts charge three hours minimum for depositions and four hours minimum for trials.
  • Cancellation fees. About 25 percent of all non-medical experts charge a cancellation fee if their appearance at a deposition or in court is canceled due to settlement of the case. This can be a significant cost if the case is quickly settled and the expert has already been retained.
  • Pre-payment of fees. About 20 percent of all experts report that they have had trouble collecting their fees, especially when opposing counsel agrees to pay them as part of a negotiated settlement. Therefore, about half of all experts require some part of their fees to be paid before their appearance in a deposition or other time-consuming activity. About three-quarters of all experts secure some type of retainer in advance of proceeding with a case; a median amount is $1,500.

While accident reconstruction experts may be expensive, their testimony can result in a much higher settlement for an accident victim.

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