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As you deal with the physical, emotional, and financial difficulties of a Sacramento car accident, you should know that you are not alone. Tens of thousands of people are injured every year in vehicle collisions in California, and more than 3,000 are killed in catastrophic crashes.

Motor vehicle accidents happen in many different ways due to many types of negligence and recklessness. Regardless of the type of car accident that has left you injured, if you believe someone else was to blame, you should learn about your rights to compensation.

At Demas Law Group, our Sacramento car accident attorneys understand how serious injuries can affect a person’s life and future. We have helped thousands of accident victims across Northern California recover full and fair compensation for medical bills and other losses in serious auto accidents. Now, we are ready to stand up for you.

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Common Types of Car Accidents in Sacramento

For more than 20 years, the skilled auto accident attorneys at Demas Law Group have been helping victims of all types of crashes. Among the most common types of accidents we see are:

  • Rear-end accidents. When a car is struck from behind by another vehicle, the driver’s head is often whipped violently forward and then back, resulting in trauma that ranges from whiplash (painful damage to connective tissue among the neck often require medical treatment) to severe spinal cord and brain injuries. Often, these injuries are compounded by an automobile manufacturing defect known as “seat-back failure,” which causes the seat-back to collapse on impact and further jostle the seat occupant.

Rear-end accidents are often caused by driver negligence, in which the rear driver does not stop or slow in time to avoid the collision, particularly due to speeding and following too closely (tailgating).

  • Broadside collisions. Side-impact collisions also called “T-bone collisions,” occur when one vehicle runs headlong into the side of another. Broadside or T-bone collisions often occur at a high rate of speed and lead to injuries that can be catastrophic or even fatal. Though safety features such as side-mounted airbags in new automobiles help, broadside collisions are among the deadliest kind of car accidents because vehicles offer less protection along their sides than at the front and rear.

Broadside crashes often occur at intersections when a driver fails to yield the right of way to other cars, trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrians, such as by running a red light or stop sign.

  • Sideswipe accidents. A sideswipe collision occurs when vehicles strike one another along their sides, often in a glancing blow. The same safety features that help protect drivers and passengers in broadside collisions have also proved effective for sideswipes. But occupants of older cars, or those in vehicles thrown off course by the collision and into a secondary crash, can be severely injured.

Sideswipes happen when drivers make unsafe lane changes, such as changing lanes without signaling and without checking for cars in the lanes next to them. Sideswiping is common on Sacramento area freeways when drivers do not pay attention while merging from ramps into traffic.

  • Head-on collisions. A head-on collision is one in which the front ends of two cars crash into each other. They are likely to cause catastrophic or fatal injuries because the force of the collision is compounded by the speed and weight of both vehicles. So-called “wrong-way” collisions, which often happen because a driver has entered a one-way lane or freeway ramp incorrectly, are often head-on collisions.

Head-on collisions are caused by one vehicle entering traffic coming from the other direction, including drifting across the centerline of a highway. In addition to impairment and distraction, driving too fast in a curve can cause a motorist to cross the centerline. Unsafe passing also leads to head-on collisions.

At Demas Law Group, our dedicated personal injury attorneys have handled countless cases involving all types of auto accidents. Over the years, we have secured millions of dollars in compensation for deserving car accident victims in the Sacramento metropolitan area and across Northern California.

Car Accident Injury Lawyer: Most Common Reason Someone is Injured

In addition to the type of car accident you were injured in, our attorneys will need to determine what caused the crash. Most car accidents are caused by driver negligence or recklessness. However, other parties may be found at fault.

Some of the common causes of car accidents include:

  • Distracted driving accidents. Distracted driving is engaging in any activity while behind the wheel that is not necessary for operating the vehicle. Using a cellphone to call or text is one of the most dangerous and pervasive distracted driving activities. However, any time a driver looks at a GPS, changes a radio or iPod, is eating behind the wheel, taking a drink of coffee, an inexperienced teen with ADHD, or turns to talk to a passenger is a moment of distracted driving, and a moment is all it takes for a crash to happen. In 4.6 seconds, the average time it takes to read or send a text, a car moving 65 miles per hour will travel 100 yards — regardless of what its driver is focusing on.
  • Drunk driving accidents. It is illegal for an adult to drive a car with a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.10 in California. When a drunk driver causes serious injury or death, the person is charged with felony DUI. And while a DUI that includes injury carries a potential prison sentence, a civil claim is required in order to pursue compensation for losses from a drunk driver or a driver intoxicated by prescription or illicit drugs.
  • Fatigued driving accidents. A person who has not had adequate sleep in the prior 24 hours is a danger if he or she gets behind the wheel. Those who engage in fatigued or “drowsy” driving have slower reflexes and thought processes, which can easily lead to a crash. Long-distance commercial drivers and business travelers, full-time students with part-time jobs, and new mothers are among those likely to drive when they are too fatigued to drive safely.
  • Red light accidents. Running a red light or “jumping” a light (starting early from a stop in anticipation of a light changing) are potentially deadly types of reckless driving. A car or truck running a red light is likely to hit another vehicle in the intersection at a right angle (a T-bone collision) or a pedestrian in a crosswalk. There is very little protection against the impact of the oncoming vehicle, and the victim’s car can be shoved into oncoming traffic to suffer further damage.
  • U-turn accidents. Drivers must be extremely careful to not enter the path of an oncoming vehicle if they must execute a U-turn. In several situations, U-turns are illegal in California and should never be attempted, such as in business districts; where visibility is less than 200 feet in each direction because of a curve, hill, rain, fog, or other reason; and on a one-way street or railroad crossing. Even when a U-turn is allowed, drivers must make sure that oncoming traffic is stopped or the way is clear before executing the maneuver.
  • Wrong-way car accidents. Going the wrong way on a clearly marked street is a serious problem, and a resulting crash can cause catastrophic injuries. There are a number of reasons a driver may end up turned around and going in the wrong direction. In most instances, it occurs either late at night, early in the morning, or during inclement weather. Poor visibility, unfamiliarity with the roadways, and major construction or detours can also play a part in this type of accident. Unfortunately, a large majority of wrong-way driving accidents involve drugs and alcohol.
  • Lane change accidents. California highways require some give and take from all drivers. When it comes to merging or changing lanes, it is courteous to let a driver in when he or she signals. However, it is always up to the driver who is changing lanes to check for oncoming vehicles, and only then make a safe lane change. At high speeds, lane-change collisions are often disastrous. They are also surprisingly common. Lane change accidents are often caused by failing to check blind spots, improper speeds, distracted drifting, pulling out of a parking space into a lane, unsafe merging, and attempting to turn while another driver attempts to pass.
  • Hit-and-run accidents. Fleeing the scene of an accident is a serious criminal offense, which can result in substantial penalties. But a hit-and-run accident compounds problems for the innocently injured motorist if the at-fault driver does not own up to his or her mistake. If the driver is not found, the injured hit-and-run victim may need to seek compensation for damages through their own uninsured motorist policy, if they have one.
  • Faulty road design or maintenance. Some motor vehicle accidents are caused by bad road design, which may include overly narrow bridges and shoulders, or insufficient signage and/or road markings. Lack of maintenance or resurfacing may lead to asphalt becoming worn out and dangerous. In addition to the government agency ultimately responsible for the road, there may be design and engineering firms, contractors, and subcontractors who can be held accountable.
  • Faulty cars or car parts. If a vehicle’s failure or the failure of a component part or system causes a car accident, a manufacturer or distributor may be held accountable in a product liability claim. Faulty design and manufacturing are all too common in the automotive industry and is recognized in recalls of vehicles and such components as brakes, airbags, ignition systems, tires, etc. In some cases, a mechanic or garage has failed to make proper repairs and should compensate an accident victim.

When you sit down with our personal injury attorneys for a free consultation, we will go over exactly what happened to cause your car accident. We will work quickly to identify the at-fault parties and build a strong claim for maximum compensation.

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As you choose an attorney to represent you in a car accident injury claim, do so with confidence that he or she has successfully handled similar claims before. At Demas Law Group, our dedicated Sacramento personal injury lawyers can provide you with an extensive list of case results and testimonials from former clients. Some of the results we are most proud of include:

  • $5.475 million for a man who was seriously injured by an intersection crash in Sacramento County
  • $4.5 million for a man rear-ended on a freeway by a sheriff’s deputy
  • $2.5 million in a wrongful death claim for two sisters who lost loved ones in a car crash in Tuolumne County

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