$1,300,000 Settlement (Policy Limits): UTV Roll-Over Causes Severe Injury

Demas Law Group, P.C., client, Jessica L., sustained a severe injury to her left ankle and leg while riding as a passenger in a UTV. The defendant driver was carelessly operating the vehicle, causing the vehicle to lose control and roll on its side.

Liability for the incident was hotly contested, at first the insurance company claimed Jessica L. jumped off the vehicle and then argued the incident was partly the fault of Jessica. In the course of litigation, documents were discovered that the vehicle was improperly maintained and service bulletins received by the defendant were ignored.

In addition to defending against these contentions, Mr. Demas took all efforts to make the insurance company and their attorneys understand that Jessica’s injury was life-altering, and would have a life-long impact on her quality of life. The case settled after Mr. Demas served the defendant with a final statutory demand for the $1.3 million policy limits just prior to defendants’ deposition.