$1,500,000: Wrongful Death Case / Trucking Accident

Attorney John Demas represented Ruth M. and her two daughters, the surviving family of decedent Tom M. Tom was on his first week of work as a truck driver and lived in the Sacramento area. A few weeks before the trucking accident, he graduated from truck driving school and had obtained his commercial driver’s license. He was embarking on a new career after having been unemployed for a couple of years. Tom had a young family and was excited about beginning his new career in the trucking industry. The case was litigated vigorously. John took a number of depositions in the case, including from the training and safety directors of the defendant’s trucking company, and revealed a lack of adequate training and supervision. In addition, John retained a top-notch accident-reconstruction expert. The defendants refused to offer any money throughout the pendency of the case. On the first day of trial, the defendants began engaging in settlement discussions, and the case resolved for $1,500,000 – a significant amount in light of the difficult liability issues in the case.