Over $1,000,000: Elder Abuse / Nursing Home Case

An elderly resident in Sacramento was placed in a nursing home when her medical condition worsened and her care became difficult. Her family spent considerable time researching different homes, and felt the one they chose for their mother was the best facility in Sacramento. Within a couple of weeks of being at the home, the nursing home changed the mattress on the woman’s bed. Unfortunately, the wrong size mattress was placed on her bed, leaving a gap or wedge between the mattress and the bed frame. One morning, the elderly woman was found dead, lying in that wedge. An autopsy revealed she had passed from asphyxia, or a lack of oxygen. The heirs of the woman contacted attorney John Demas to help them. Mr. Demas discovered this problem was more prevalent than people realized and that patients in nursing homes around the country were at risk. He retained the best bed rail expert and a pathologist to prove the defendants were negligent. The case settled shortly before trial, and Mr. Demas obtained a significant (confidential) settlement against the nursing home and the manufacturer of the mattress. The case generated a large amount of local and national publicity.