$1,000,000 (Policy Limits): Construction Site Accident / Shoulder & Back Injuries

Scott S. was working for a large company selling roof trusses and supervising their installation. He was working at a construction site, supervising the installation of roof trusses on a Staybridge Hotel. The general contractor of the project hired a Sacramento crane company to move the trusses from the flat-bed trucks they were being delivered in onto the top of the hotel. the crane company sent an inexperienced crane operator to work at the site, alongside the more experienced operator that was working with Scott. The first time the inexperienced operator got on the forklift and approached the flat-bed truck that Scott was standing on, he came in too fast and knocked Scott off the truck. The impact also caused a load of trusses to come off the truck, pinning Scott to the ground and severely injuring his shoulders and low back. Scott was fortunate to survive. Defendants were confident they would prevail in the case and never offered any money to settle, until we got close to trial. At mediation, Mr. Demas used cutting-edge technology to demonstrate how the collision occurred and showed video-taped deposition testimony of the defendants contradicting themselves. Within ten days of the mediation, the insurance company for the crane company agreed to pay their $1,000,000 policy limit.