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Child Bicycle Accident

Child Hurt in a Bike Accident in Sacramento

Learning to ride a bicycle is a rite of passage in a young person’s life. For many, it is one of the first moments of independence. Unfortunately, the Demas Law Group, P.C., has handled numerous cases in which a child has been involved in a bicycle accident due to another’s reckless actions or wrongdoing. Do not let the at-fault party walk away while you and your child suffer.

If your child has been the victim of another’s negligence, let our experienced Sacramento child injury lawyer defend your right to financial compensation for medical expenses and other losses. We can make sure the other party is held accountable for their actions. But do not delay. The statute of limitations regarding bicycle accidents in California is short. Call us now for a free, comprehensive consultation – dial (916) 444-0100.

Causes of Bike Accidents involving Children

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), out of 49,000 accidents involving bicycles and automobiles in 2012, an estimated 9,000 of those collisions involved riders 14 and younger. A large portion of such incidents are preventable, however, and cause serious or life-threatening injuries.

Determining how your child was involved in a bike crash is crucial to a successful personal injury case. One of the most common causes of bicycle accidents, regardless of age, is driver negligence, which includes speeding, driving under the influence, distraction, failing to yield right-of-way or even fatigued driving. In far too many cases, careless motorists are quick to say that they simply did not see a cyclist before the collision. Inattention is no excuse, especially when young children are involved.

In the event that another person is not directly involved, it is possible that the road conditions can contribute to a serious crash. If the streets and sidewalks are poorly maintained and potholes, cracks and other hazards go unrepaired, even the most experienced cyclist may be thrown from their bicycle, resulting in serious injury or even death. In these cases, the government entity responsible for road repair may be held accountable.

Do I Have a Valid Bicycle Accident Case?

While it may be clear that your son or daughter was injured or worse by a negligent driver or other party, it is still essential to have adequate evidence. Determining all of the factors that contributed to the accident and gathering evidence as soon as possible is not always easy. With the help of a dedicated attorney, you can focus on your child’s recovery while the case is being built on your behalf.

The Demas Law Group, P.C., has ample resources and experience when it comes to investigating and creating a strong case for our clients. We can help you understand your rights and options and will go to work for you immediately to ensure that you and your family achieve a successful outcome as soon as possible.

Do Not Delay, Call the Demas Law Group, P.C. if Your Child Was Injured Riding a Bicycle

The skilled child injury lawyers at the Demas Law Group, P.C., in Sacramento have a strong track record for success both in and out of the courtroom when it comes to representing victims. Let us fight to get you and your son or daughter the compensation you need and deserve.

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