What are the different causes of burn injuries?

Injuries causing severe burns can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone. Some of the most common causes of burn injuries are:

  • Scalding: These occur when hot liquid, usually water, comes in contact with the skin. Even bath water can be hot enough to scald, and scalding is the leading cause of fatalities for children in the home.
  • Contact burns: If you’ve ever touched a red-hot electric stove burner, you know what a contact burn is. The longer the contact, the more severe the burn.
  • Electrical burns: When the skin is exposed to electric current, it burns. The severity of the burn depends on the length of contact and the strength of the electrical circuit.
  • Ultraviolet burns: Sunburns are caused by ultraviolet rays. Tanning beds use ultraviolet rays and when improperly maintained, they can cause serious second degree burns.
  • Chemical burns: Caustic chemicals are everywhere, from cleaning solutions in the home to powerful solvents in the workplace. They are very dangerous because the burn often continues until the chemical is neutralized.
  • Inhalation burns: When caustic chemicals become airborne, they can be breathed into the lungs, causing serious and lifelong damage.

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