What exactly does a personal injury lawyer do?

Many people do not know what a personal injury lawyer does. Below is a list of the most important services we provide for our clients:

  1. Educate our clients about the claim and litigation process
  2. Gather evidence and investigate the case
  3. Analyze insurance policies to see what coverage is available to pay for the client’s damages
  4. Assist our clients with obtaining medical treatment, accessing other resources, and paying medical bills
  5. Meet the client’s health care providers to discuss and evaluate the client’s case
  6. Obtain reports from experts to support the client’s claim
  7. Analyze pertinent legal issues that may affect the client’s case
  8. Analyze the client’s health insurance to evaluate what the client must repay after the settlement
  9. File claims or make “demands” for compensation on our client’s’ behalf
  10. Conduct negotiations to settle the claim
  11. If a lawsuit is to be filed, prepare the summons and complaint to file in court
  12. Prepare for and conduct depositions of clients, defendants, doctors, experts, and other witnesses
  13. Hire any additional experts necessary to support the case
  14. Analyze all records and reports related to the case
  15. File the necessary documents in court
  16. Prepare for mediation, arbitration or trial
  17. Research and write briefs and file motions
  18. Try the case

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