Should I hire a Sacramento lawyer for my wrongful death claim?

Yes. Wrongful death cases can be extremely complex and require exceptional preparation in order to be successful. Determining the fair value of economic and non-economic damages you’ve been deprived of requires professional skill and expertise. The many tasks involved in reaching that determination can involve the following legal actions:

  • Conducting a sophisticated analysis of the decedent’s life expectancy
  • Calculating lost wages and benefits
  • Establishing the value of non-economic damages such as loss of love, companionship and intimacy
  • If there are many claimants in a case, a probate estate may have to be established
  • If the case doesn’t settle before trial, the case may need to be proved before a jury

There are of course many other legal actions required in any wrongful death suit. Rather than go down this potential legal minefield on your own, consider contacting an experienced wrongful death attorney at Demas Law Group, P.C.

Losing a loved one in a preventable accident can be one of the most difficult experiences to endure. But you do not have to go through it alone. Reach out to the compassionate Sacramento injury attorneys at Demas Law Group, P.C., to receive the high quality representation you need to overcome your legal and financial struggles following the passing of your loved one. To discuss your case with one of our dedicated legal team members, call (916) 444-0100.

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