The Sacramento Insurance Company Will Try To Weaken Your Claim

Another factor you may want to consider is that insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with in such cases, because wrongful death awards can amount to extremely large sums of money. If an insurance company sees an individual making a wrongful death claim without legal representation, it’s like waving a pork chop in front of a hungry wolf. They’d be delighted, because they know the chances of paying a hugely reduced sum of money have just been greatly increased.

What’s more, if it does go to court (again, all the more likely if you don’t have a good wrongful death attorney on your side from the very beginning), the insurance company will have hired expert witnesses and aggressive lawyers who will try their best to undermine your entire case. They honestly don’t care about being fair. It is their job to save their stockholders money by paying you as little as possible, regardless of how badly you’ve been affected.

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