Demas Law Group Client Reviews

Allen Liouh

“Great experience working with Tim Spangler and the Demas Law team. They helped me through the whole process and was very professional and responsive when it came to any questions that I had. I highly recommend him and his team as they go above and beyond!”

Tommy Deleon

“Working with Tim over the last year has been a great experience. He was on top of everything with the insurance companies and did an amazing job with my case. Highly recommended”

Rhonda Doyle

“We’ve all seen it, crazy driver on the road. Driving too fast, texting & driving, weaving in & out of traffic. How many times over the years, all of a sudden everyone is breaking. So close, but you continue unscathed. Then, one day, it happens, you become the statistic, the one everyone slows down to look at. You’re in shock, what do you do? No one seems concerned, not the police, not the doctors. You need support, guidance, and protection. Who do you call? Lucky for me, that was Demas law. From day one they provided all the help, guidance, compassion, & support that lead me from A to Z. The entire team was professional and kind. My gratitude and appreciation for all they’ve done for me far exceeded my expectations. If you’re in need, don’t waiver, go with Demas law group, it’ll be the best thing you could ever do for yourself!”

Leah Weichel

“Matt Young at Demas Law did a fantastic job representing our car accident case. Matt was very knowledgeable, kind, and very thorough. He was very flexible with his time, made sure all our questions were answered, and was able to secure a settlement in a really difficult situation. The insurance company we tried working with before hiring an attorney pretty much told us “sorry we can’t help you”. Matt turned that around quickly and got the highest payout for an uninsured motorist case. The rates were more than reasonable and we would not only recommend the firm but also use them again if the unfortunate happens. M.A.”

Lea Sweet

“The Demas Law Group is a phenomenal firm. Jacqueline Siemens helped provided expert guidance to us while we navigated the process of getting medical treatment after we were broadsided by a truck. She was professional, experienced and extremely competent. I had never experienced a car accident before so her experience was invaluable. Thank you Jacqueline Siemens and Demas Law Group for everything!”

Jose Gonzalez

“I had the privilege of being represented by Mr Demás he was straight forward from the moment I spoke with him over the phone authority, professionalism won me over to chose him to back me up when I most need guidance After over going a major spinal fusion surgery due to a dramatic car and truck collision that left me near paralyzed thank god for such professional honest caring people like John and Ariana. Ariana was very helpful throughout the case she handle everything in a responsible and professional way taking her time to explain to me everything in detail thank you very much I have no words to show my gratitude for them. If anyone out there find them self’s in need for representation in a court of law don’t make the mistake of overlooking Demás law group it will be the biggest mistake you will ever due please trust me.”

Maria G

“After being injured in a 6 car collision, and requiring cervical disc surgery, I contacted Demas Law Group. I am very grateful to have Attorney Tim Spangler assigned to my case. He was always professional, very thorough, kept me completely informed, and patient with any questions I had. Any time I had to contact their office, their staff was just the same. The thought of trying to handle my claim without counsel was not long-lived, knowing that the insurance industry and medical records would be better for an attorney to navigate through. Tim had strategies for my case that I never would have known had I not contacted Demas Law Group. Those strategies proved to be very beneficial in obtaining the maximum amount allowed. My case lasted about a year and a half, through the COVID closures. Tim kept me informed throughout the entire process, and their staff was always available to their clients. Without reservation, and having an attorney that has their client’s best interests in mind, I would highly recommend Attorney Tim Spangler, Demas Law Group.”

Makayla Baird

“The car accident in July of 2019 happened at a time in my life with no health insurance, employment or savings of any kind. After my first meeting with Kate the day after my accident, I felt heard and confident that my case would be fought for like it was her own. Throughout the two years working with the firm, the needs of my injury and situation were always put first. Kate and the team worked with their extensive body knowledge to get me to the best quality of care and worked to make the best outcome of my case. I am very happy with the results and would recommend Demas Law Group to anyone in need of a personal injury lawyer.”

Qasim Ali

“Soon after moving to Sacramento, my partner experienced a rough car accident in mid 2019. She was represented by Kate Ebert and from my first impression I was convinced that Kate has a strong moral compass, is trust worthy and credible. After nearly 2 years of working with Kate, I can say with certainty that Kate fights for the best interest of her clients and deliver’s results. Kate is strategic, knowledgeable and negotiates with vigor!”

Nataliya Blidy

“I recommend Demas Law to anyone in need of superb representation. John Demás Law is great to work with. Every interaction I had is professional, caring and right on point. I speak with Sylvia mostly and she is sweet, compassionate and organized.”