Anna S. – Sacramento Brain Injury Case

“John, we cannot begin to thank you enough. We consider my brother’s survival of and progress from his injuries a miracle. What you did for us was no less miraculous. We know we have a top notch attorney and we value your hard work and dedication, not to mention your expertise. We just felt that FedEx was a corporate Goliath coming against a man whose lie may not have been as valued to them as he is to us, and we understood the challenges to George’s case. You, however, proved yourself to be the best of Davids. What you did for us is beyond just dollars. You gave my Mom the reassurance that the money she and my Dad worked all of their lives for would be there for her in her golden years. You assured us both that whether George lives another day or another decade or beyond, he will have everything he needs. The peace of mind you gave us is priceless. Again, thank you so much. We are very grateful.What I like about the Demas Law Group as a law firm is that they are very professional. They have the experience and the knowledge to handle each case. They are also very honest, and will tell you right up front if yours is not the type of case they would take. Also, I love the fact that they care about you as a person. They care about your family. They genuinely want to know about you and that makes a difference, because you are not just a number or a case name.”