Alarming Dog Bite Fatality Statistics Released, 2005-2012

At least half of the top ten states in the count have anti-breed-specific legislation measures. This means that local lawmakers are not allowed to outlaw certain breeds or to penalize owners with fines and other means to control the breed population.

What Are The Victim’s Rights In A Dog Bite Incident?

While California does not permit breed-specific legislation, the state’s civil law does allow the victim of a dog bite injury to collect damages from the dog’s owner in most circumstances. It’s very important in California to create ways to prevent and minimize the threat of dog bites on your property. The only time a dog’s owner is shielded from liability is when a person deliberately and willfully enters another’s property with criminal intent. This means that if someone breaks into a house to burglarize it and is bitten by a dog, the homeowner is generally not liable.

However, in California, a person does not have to be “invited” on to the property in order to be protected from a dog attack. For example, a person canvassing the neighborhood door-to-door to collect for a charitable cause who is bitten by a dog might be able to hold the owner accountable even if the owner did not “invite” the person on to the property.

What Should I Do If I Am Bitten By A Dog?

It is critical that you receive immediate medical attention for any dog bite. Even if you know or are related to the dog’s owner, you should have any dog bite that breaks the skin examined by a medical professional. Dogs can carry a variety of diseases and dog bites can easily become infected, requiring serious medical intervention. You should also be examined for damage to muscles, nerves, tendons and other body parts. Some dog bites require long-term treatment in order to heal.

Once your dog bite has been treated, you may wish to consult a personal injury attorney. In many cases, dog bite victims are reluctant to press the issue with friends or neighbors if they are the owner of the dog, but it is important that you recover damages to pay for your medical bills, expenses and pain and suffering.


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