Caring for a Person with a Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Injury in Sacramento California

Caring for a Loved one with a Spinal Cord Injury

Studies show that between 40 to 45 percent of individuals who have suffered spinal cord injuries need personal assistance at least with some daily activities. A majority of these patients have tetraplegia, which means they need help getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, bathing and dressing. Most often, a parent, a spouse or some other close family member is the first to provide assistance and personal care following the injury. The unfortunate truth is that many spinal cord injury victims have no other option, but to rely on a family member for daily assistance and care because of the high costs associated with getting professional care.

Challenges Faced by Caregivers

Caring for someone with a spinal cord injury is not easily done. Caregivers face many unique challenges. First and foremost, there is the concern for the recovery of their loved ones. Caring for a loved one can be emotionally draining. There is also the stress over juggling work and finances while getting your home accessible for your loved one. In addition, you are learning about many issues surrounding spinal cord injuries and how to be a good caregiver.

Often, caregivers must learn about bowel, bladder and respiratory care. You need to learn how to do daily skin checks and recognize the signs of a pressure sore. You may also need to learn about ventilator care and what to do in an emergency situation. There are a number of educational materials available from reliable Internet sources. It would behoove caregivers to familiarize themselves with these resources.

Long-term caregiving can also put a strain on any relationship because family members will need to make lifestyle adjustments in order to provide such care. The basis for a healthy relationship centers on open communication, learning about the aftermath of an injury and the willingness to adjust one’s views. In addition to paying attention to the patient’s health, it is crucial that caregivers also pay attention to their own physical and emotional well being.

Compensation for Spinal Injury Victims

Some of the most common causes of spinal cord injuries include auto accidents, slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents and assaults. So, very often, spinal cord injuries are caused by negligence or wrongdoing on the part of other individuals or entities. When this is the case, injured victims can seek compensation for the injuries and damages they have sustained including medical expenses, lost income, hospitalization, rehabilitation, long-term care, permanent injuries, disabilities and past and future pain and suffering.

The cost of caring for a spinal cord injury victim can add up significantly over that person’s lifetime. The experienced Sacramento spinal cord injury lawyers at the Demas Law Group P.C., can help injured victims and their family members get the monetary support they need to receive quality care. Call us at (916) 444-0100 for a free consultation and comprehensive case evaluation.

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