Child Dead in Tragic Boating Accident in San Joaquin

Boating Accident California

A day out on the river for a group of people turned deadly after the boat they were in capsized, killing one and injuring a number of others. As reported by CBS 13, police on the scene say that a total of 10 people were in the vessel when it was overturned by rocks. All people on board, including five children ranging from ages five to 10, were thrown from the craft.

San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Lt. Michael Jones believes the child who died “…either was struck by some rocks or swept under and struck by the prop.” The 8 year old boy was pronounced dead at the scene, with three others suffering various injuries.

An investigation revealed that all the children were wearing life jackets at the time and do not believe drought conditions played a role in the accident. Charges were not filed against the pilot of the craft.

Unfortunately, despite a pilot’s skill and best efforts accidents on the water can and do happen from time to time. Because of the hazards already associated with water, boating accidents can quickly turn deadly, as was the case in the aforementioned incident. However, if the individual driving the craft is operating at an unsafe speed, in a reckless manner or without a license, any collision that may occur could be their responsibility. Like car or truck accidents, it is up to individual drivers to maintain a safe environment for everyone, including their own passengers.

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