Public Transit Accidents

Types of Public Transportation

  • Public Transit AccidentsMunicipal buses
  • Public Transit AccidentsSchool buses
  • Public Transit AccidentsTrams or trolleys
  • Public Transit AccidentsMunicipally managed rideshare and carpool programs
  • Public Transit AccidentsSubway (underground train)
  • Public Transit AccidentsAboveground trains
  • Public Transit AccidentsLight rail
  • Public Transit AccidentsHigh-speed rail

Public Transportation
Accident Statistics

Public Transportation Accident Statistics


Buses involved in collisions anually

Public Transportation Accident Statistics


School buses involved in fatal crashes from 1995 - 2005

Public Transportation Accident Statistics

Bus and
rail accidents

make up the vast majority of public transportation accidents.

Public Transportation Accident Statistics

Rail injury

have increased in recent years due to increased demand for transit.

What to Do After a Public Transit Accident

  • Receive immediate medical treatment for all injuries.
  • Document your injuries.
  • Find legal representation.
  • Work with lawyer to retrieve copies of the transit operator’s accident report and the police report of the accident.
  • Find out if there are copies of video footage from the area and from the vehicle.
  • Work with lawyer to get copies of transit operators’ qualification and fitness-for-service tests.

Who Is Liable for Public Transit Accidents?

  • Transit businesses or entities responsible for transporting many people are held to a common carrier standard in which they must exercise a higher level of responsibility and caution.
  • A driver does not have to be under the influence or demonstrate other criminal behavior in order to be found negligent or irresponsible
  • Suing a government transit agency may have special legal requirements under any applicable tort claims act.