Personal Injury Lawsuit Timeline in Sacramento

Most of our clients come to us with no prior experience of how the legal system works.

The legal process of a personal injury case is complex, and the timeline from beginning to end can be long and emotionally draining. The path each case will take is not always foreseeable. At Demas Law Group, P.C., we communicate at every stage with our clients to help them understand the process and prepare them for the next step.

You may be surprised to learn that most personal injury cases do not end up in lawsuits. In fact, the majority of our cases settle in what is called the “pre-litigation phase”. If a lawsuit is filed, then we enter the so-called “litigation phase” of the legal process. Below, we provide more information about what to expect in the pre-litigation and litigation stages of a personal injury case.

Personal Injury Case Process: 5 Things You Need

  • Copies of any reports you have regarding your accident, including the police report.
  • Pictures from the scene and pictures of your injuries.
  • Your auto insurance and health insurance information.
  • Any documents you received at the hospital or from other health care providers related to your treatment.
  • If your claim involves a defective product, it would be helpful to bring the product (if applicable).