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Sacramento Premises Liability Lawyers

Premises Injury Claim

Premises liability occurs when a property owner (which may involve a private or public entity) has been negligent in taking necessary measures to prevent accidents that cause harm to others on his or her property. Demas Law Group can help those who have been injured on another person’s property through neglect or carelessness.

The doctrine of premises liability is one of the oldest in the legal system. Much of our current practice regarding premises liability comes from English common law. Generally, English courts held that a property owner had certain rights to his own property and that, as a result, the owner also had certain responsibilities.

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Who is Responsible for Injuries in Sacramento?

It is impossible to summarize all premises liability law in one rule or regulation, but a general guide is that owners are responsible for keeping their property safe for visitors. An “invited” guest, or one who is allowed access to the property by the owner, is almost always entitled to this protection, and some uninvited guests are as well.

California Laws

Sacramento laws regarding premises liability tend to favor the owner if the evidence shows that he or she made a reasonable effort to keep the property safe for visitors. However, if an owner is negligent or allows negligence on his or her property, the owner may be held liable for the damages caused to the victim.

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At Demas Law Group, the most common types of premises liability cases we handle are dog bites and falling accidents, including slip and fall or trip and fall accidents. On occasion, we have also represented clients involved in swimming pool drowning accidents, amusement park accidents, and bystanders injured from violent/dangerous activities on someone’s property.

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