El Niño & You – An Accident That Doesn’t Have to Happen

El Nino Safety Tips

What kind of impact El Niño may have on the state’s record drought and how long it may stick around is a much-debated topic. No one can quite agree on exactly how much we should expect from this year’s storms. So far, Northern California has experienced soaking rains and significant snow accumulations. However, that could all soon change. In fact, a new report from NASA this week indicates that we have hit the peak of the season. While no one is quite sure what further impact El Niño may have, everyone should remain on alert.

That includes you risk of an accident significantly, for driver and pedestrian alike. California roads and sidewalks can become especially slick, due to residue build up. So, what should you do if you are caught off guard in a violent storm? Consider some of the following tips to avoid being involved in an accident:

  • Pull over or take shelter – If possible, sit this one out. Pull off the highway or road and into a parking lot until the storm dies down. This goes for pedestrians and bikers as well. Take shelter until the rain slows. Better to take a break, than suffer one due to slippery conditions.
  • Slow your roll – Of course, in many cases, stopping the car or your stride is just not possible. So you have to plow through the storm. But take it easy. Put your hazard lights on, slow your pace and keep an eye for any potential hazards up ahead.
  • Stay put – Let’s say you’ve been involved in an accident or you’ve witnessed one happen right in front of you. Even in the best conditions, attempting to get out and investigate the situation, or potentially help another individual is dangerous. The odds of being hit by another car are incredibly high. Add inclement weather to the equation and the threat only increases. Call the police and sit tight until emergency personnel can secure the area.

Of course, accidents are bound to happen – during an El Niño year or otherwise. However, it is not always your fault when they do. If you’ve been injured in a collision that was the result of another person’s negligence, contact the Demas Law Group, P.C., to schedule an appointment today.

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