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At Demas Law Group, P.C., we are committed to representing our clients to the fullest extent possible and to maximizing their monetary recovery. Many of the settlements we have achieved for our clients are confidential in nature and cannot be disclosed to the public. However, we have compiled the following representative list of non-confidential settlements and verdicts. Keep in mind that the facts are never exactly the same in any two cases, and each case is as unique as the individuals who are the parties to a lawsuit. The results in each case will vary accordingly.

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Below is a sample of our firm’s verdicts and settlements. Please click on the links to view the details of each case.

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$1,000,000 Truck vs. Car Collision / Neck Injury

In this case, attorney John Demas was asked by another attorney to assist with prosecuting the client’s case. Our client was a 78-year-old man who was rear-ended by a large security truck near Walnut Creek. He was taken by ambulance to a Kaiser hospital, where surgeons decided to do a fusion surgery to his neck. The defendant insurance company questioned the decision for surgery and claimed that it was not necessary. Despite being brought into the case close to the trial date, attorney John Demas was able to hire two top-notch expert witnesses that conclusively established the need for the surgery. With the involvement of John Demas on the case, the insurance company ultimately offered four times more than their original offer and the case was settled shortly before trial.

$1,000,000 (Policy Limits): Construction Site Accident / Shoulder & Back Injuries

Scott S. was working for a large company selling roof trusses and supervising their installation. He was working at a construction site, supervising the installation of roof trusses on a Staybridge Hotel. The general contractor of the project hired a Sacramento crane company to move the trusses from the flat-bed trucks they were being delivered in onto the top of the hotel. the crane company sent an inexperienced crane operator to work at the site, alongside the more experienced operator that was working with Scott. The first time the inexperienced operator got on the forklift and approached the flat-bed truck that Scott was standing on, he came in too fast and knocked Scott off the truck. The impact also caused a load of trusses to come off the truck, pinning Scott to the ground and severely injuring his shoulders and low back. Scott was fortunate to survive. Defendants were confident they would prevail in the case and never offered any money to settle, until we got close to trial. At mediation, Mr. Demas used cutting-edge technology to demonstrate how the collision occurred and showed video-taped deposition testimony of the defendants contradicting themselves. Within ten days of the mediation, the insurance company for the crane company agreed to pay their $1,000,000 policy limit.

$700,000 Car Accident / Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Client: Lindsay S.; County: Sacramento

We represented a 27-year-old woman who was stopped at a red light when the defendant rear-ended the car directly behind her, pushing it into her vehicle. The property damage to our client’s vehicle was minor, but ultimately her injuries were serious. Immediately following the collision, our client felt pain in her left foot. However, she thought nothing of it initially as she focused more on her neck and back injuries. Eventually, the pain in her foot increased and she saw a podiatrist and pain specialist. Her foot pain continued to get worse and she was referred to a specialist who treats Complex Regional Pain Syndrome patients. This syndrome was known for years as Reflex Sympathy Disorder. It is a very painful condition – typically involving limbs – that usually starts with a minor trauma to the area.

The defense in this case argued that the forces involved were not sufficient to cause ANY injury and also that our client did not have CRPS, but instead had pain because of psychological issues. The defense hired a world-renowned orthopedic foot surgeon, as well as a well-known defense expert who claimed that CRPS does not exist.

Demas Law Group, P.C., hired the best available experts and took the deposition of the defense orthopedic expert who eventually conceded that CRPS does exist and that he himself had diagnosed CRPS on his own patients. After conducting extensive research on CRPS, we were able to get the defense orthopedic expert to agree to the criteria of diagnosing CRPS and prove that our client met the criteria. Shortly after this deposition, the defense withdrew another expert who claimed CRPS does not exist, and the case settled a couple of weeks before trial for $700,000. In light of the low amount of incurred medical bills, the mediator who settled the case commented that it was probably the largest settlement he had ever seen in similar cases.

$600,000: Auto-Truck Accident / Bone Fractures

Client: Vladimir R.; County: Yolo

The defendant, a landscape company owner on his way home from work, failed to see our client and made a left turn directly in front of him. Our client’s vehicle sustained major damage and he was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Although liability was fairly clear, the defendants did try to raise an issue by claiming our client failed to have his headlights on and was not wearing a seat belt. We proved our client was in fact wearing his seat belt and did have his head lights on. Our client, a 37-year-old Russian immigrant employed as a truck driving dispatcher, sustained a broken nose and an ankle fracture. His medical bills were approximately $100,000 and his wage loss around $20,000. The defendants contested the nature and extent of the injuries along with the need for future treatment. The case settled at mediation for $600,000. We prepared a multi-media presentation at the mediation. The defense attorneys, insurance representatives and mediator all commented on how impressive the presentation was and how it significantly affected their evaluation of the case.

$500,000: Wrongful Death Case – Child

We represented the parents of a two-year-old girl who was killed when she was run over by a van. The defendants argued that they were not negligent because the defendant driver could not see the girl when he got in his van, and assumed that her mother or the other adults present were watching her. We were able to recreate what the defendant should have seen using state of the art testing and were able to prove that he was at fault. The case settled on the first day of trial because the parents wanted to put the litigation behind them and avoid the emotional impact of trial.

$500,000: Bus vs. Bicycle Collision / Leg Injury

Client: Ruth R.; County: Sacramento

We represented a homeless woman who was hit by a bus while riding her bicycle in a crosswalk. Our client was riding her bicycle at night without any reflective lighting on her bicycle, as required by the California Vehicle Code. She was struck in the crosswalk by a bus making a right-hand turn. The investigating police officers determined our client was solely responsible for the accident. The defendants also claimed that our client was not visible because of her dark clothes and lack of reflective lighting. We hired a forensic photographer and an accident reconstruction expert to prove that the bus operator should have seen our client. Our client suffered a significant left leg injury and was hospitalized at UC Davis for a couple of months. The case settled a few days before trial. No offers were ever made until the case settled at mediation.

$500,000 (Policy Limits): Auto Accident / Wrist Fracture

Client: Nicole T; County: Sacramento

Nicole was a 23-year-old woman who was injured when a reckless driver made a left turn directly in front of her. Nicole’s only injury was to her left wrist. When her airbag activated, it struck Nicole’s left hand, fracturing her wrist at two different locations. Nicole was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and underwent two surgeries to her wrist, involving the placement of hardware to stabilize her hand and wrist. The surgeries were successful, and Nicole was able to regain nearly all of her range of motion.

Because Nicole recovered so well, her family thought she may not need an attorney. However, Mr. Demas explained to the family that this was an injury that was going to have a life-long impact on Nicole and the quality of her life. To make this case to the insurance company, Mr. Demas spent hours talking to Nicole about what she enjoyed doing and how her injury affected her. Ultimately, Mr. Demas put together a detailed and powerful settlement demand package and asked for the entirety of the defendant’s policy limits. Within two weeks of receiving Mr. Demas’ demand, the insurance company offered their maximum policy limit of $500,000. Nicole and her family were thrilled with the outcome of the case.